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Gemstone Rollerball Tops (12 pack)

Gemstone Rollerball Tops (12 pack)

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Unleash the remarkable power of gemstones and essentials oils!

Essential oils powered by crystals - or is it crystals powered by essential oils?? Either way, the SYNERGY of mixing the raw power of GENUINE MINED GEMSTONES and the healing energies of ESSENTIAL OILS results in a mind-blowing combo of awesomeness!

Add your own blend of essential oils to these beautiful and powerful gemstones to combine the amazing benefits of both worlds. 

Green Aventurine: Is known as the “stone of opportunity”. It helps align energies and inner harmony.

Black Obsidian: Also known as the “stone of truth.” Associated with removing negative energy, integrity, honesty, protection and grounding.

Tiger Eye Jasper: A “feel good stone”. It brings passion and physical strength. A stone of good luck, problem solving, focus, wealth and courage. 

Clear Quartz: An ultimate healer. Promotes clarity, calmness, energy and harmony.

Red Leopard Jasper: Is believed to stabilize and balance energies. Helps to maintain a positive healing aura. Helps motivate, increases creativity and responsibility.

Fluorite: Is used for aura cleansing, consciousness, intellect, protection and truth.

Sodalite: Promotes communication, truth, integrity and intuition. 

Amethyst: A good basic stone. Helps with healing and confidence. Can be used for protection and balance. 

Rose Quartz: Also known as the love and relationship stone.

Lapis Lazuli: It stimulates the desire for knowledge, wisdom, intuition and good judgement. 

Carnelian: It helps with self-confidence, courage, concentration, and determination.

Blue Lace Agate: Works in connection with angelic energy.

Each gemstone roller ball is carefully polished. Note that natural stones have different color variations, so no two are exactly alike.

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Each package contains:

  • 12 (10ml) Genuine Gemstone Roller Balls
  • A set of 12 that contains 1 of each gemstone roller ball 
  • Available in mixed stones, that contain on of each of the following, green aventurine, black obsidian, tiger eye, clear crystal, red jasper, fluorite, sodalite, amethyst, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, carnelian, and blue lace agate

Note: We recommend using a swiss oil key to insert and remove the roller ball from the bottles.